Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Cure Summer Boredom

Recently a fellow missionary at the SIMC in Arizona wrote an article for WGM's The Call magazine. We thought we would share it with you. If you want to read this article or other articles about what God is doing through other WGM missionaries around the world check out this link. http://www.wgm.org/boredom

By Billie Sue DunnAmerican Indian Field
January-March 2013

Once school starts, children begin to count the days until summer. When I taught school, I would hear the students say after the first day, “Only 179 days to go.” But then when summer would arrive, parents would hear, “I’m bored! When does school start?” Students need activities to keep the summer boredom away.

Summer camps at Southwest Indian Ministries Center on the American Indian Field provide opportunities for children to have a Bible-based camping experience. Four different levels of Bible camp are offered, which includes teen camps and elementary camps.

Campers enjoy devotional time with worship and Bible lessons, crafts, games, sports, cooking and computer classes, and working with puppets. They also have Bible class to study and memorize the theme Bible verse. Making new friends is another key activity at camp. One camper said this about her camping experience: “I laughed, played, sang, and just had fun.”

Campers also have the opportunity to experience fun events like the zoo, circus, baseball games, and story hour at the local library. Swimming is the highlight of every day. Memories are made as the campers do photo projects and assemble scrapbooks to take home. Summer boredom can’t overtake the children with all that happening.

Most importantly, campers have the opportunity to learn what Jesus has done for them. One camper wrote, “As the days went by, I learned more and more on why Jesus died for me, for my sins, for everything.”

Winter weekend camps are also offered to help revitalize the children and their relationships with God. This enables the staff to show Christ’s love to the campers for more than just the week at camp during the summer.

You can be a part of enriching the lives of Native American children. A minimal registration fee of $50 is requested, but that covers only one-third of the $150 cost for each camper. No camper is turned away if he or she is not able to pay the $50. You can become a part of the camp scholarship program, which helps camps be affordable for all Native American children.

The days are counting down until the 2013 summer camping season begins at Southwest Indian Ministries Center. You can play a part in keeping boredom away from Native American children.

You can become a part of the American Indian Field camp scholarship program. Although camp costs $150, any size offering will help send a kid to camp. Send your check to World Gospel Mission and write account #23749-CALL on the memo line.
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